Enhanced Customer Engagement: The Rise of Voicebots in Indian Languages

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Customer engagement has transformed significantly over the past few years given the advancements in technology and a plethora of communication channels available. However, multilingual chatbots have emerged as one of the most powerful tools to engage customers in a way like no other. This is especially true for businesses looking to expand their operations in the Indian market. 

With over  90% of internet users in India consuming content in their native language poses a unique challenge for online businesses in the Indian market. The ability to communicate with their customers in their preferred language. This is where multilingual voicebots rise up to the occasion and help brands in enhancing customer engagement. They bridge the language barrier, making business services more accessible.

In this article, we explore how multilingual voice bots can help in enhancing customer engagement, especially in Indian markets.

What are Multilingual VoiceBots?

Multilingual voicebots are AI-driven conversational chatbots that have the ability to interact with your customers in their preferred languages. They also stimulate human conversations using voice commands. These bots leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to understand and respond to the customer’s queries. 

A multilingual voicebot also integrates language translation and speech recognition to interact with customers in real time. This makes websites more accessible to a wider range of customers while offering a personalised and efficient experience.

The Problem: Language Barrier in Customer Engagement

Customers’ expectations are continuously changing with the advances in technology. This presents a challenge for businesses to keep up with the diverse communication needs. One of these challenges is the language barrier, which can often hinder effective customer engagement. It also leads to miscommunication and dissatisfaction for the customers. 

Maintaining immediate and personalised interactions with the customers is vital for businesses to maintain customer loyalty. However, language differences can impede this process. This is where multilingual solutions can help businesses to overcome the language barrier. It enables businesses to offer immediate and personalised interactions with the customers in their preferred language.

The Solution: Multilingual AI Voicebots

AI voice bots are a powerful way for businesses to overcome language barriers and engage with customers in their preferred language. They can help your business deliver a more inclusive experience. These bots leverage NLP and ML that help in analysing context, sentiments, and cultural nuances.

Multilingual AI voicebots help businesses to cater to a broader audience. They also ensure that the services are accessible to non-English speakers as well. This fosters a sense of belonging and trust among the customers. Hence, leading to improved satisfaction and loyalty. 

In addition, these voicebots can handle high-volume interactions simultaneously. They provide real-time assistance and reduce wait times, enhancing the overall customer experience. Reverie’s no-code platform allows businesses to build voicebots powered by conversational AI. It empowers crafting personalised bots that support 22 Indian languages.

Benefits of Multilingual AI Voicebots

Multilingual AI voicebots can offer a number of advantages to businesses. Here are some of the key benefits.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

One of the biggest benefits of a multilingual AI voicebot is its ability to support multiple languages. By addressing customers in their native languages, it ensures that they feel understood and valued. This leads to higher satisfaction levels. It also helps in fostering a stronger connection between your brand and your customers. Language barriers can often lead to frustration and dissatisfaction among customers. Multilingual AI voicebots tackle this head-on by helping businesses communicate with customers in their native language.

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and Enhanced Customer Loyalty

A Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a key indicator of customer loyalty and satisfaction. Customers tend to stick to brands that prioritise their preferences and offer great user experiences. Multilingual chatbots significantly contribute to higher NPS by providing customers with a seamless and personalised customer service experience.

When customers have positive interactions in their native language with a business, they are more likely to become loyal customers. They can also recommend the brand to others. This enhances customer loyalty while also attracting new customers.

Lower Churn Rate and Better Retention

Customer retention is crucial for any business aiming to attain sustained growth. Multilingual voicebots help in lowering the burn rate by making customers feel appreciated and understood. 

By communicating with customers in their native language showcases the brand’s intent to establish a more inclusive culture. It also addresses the diverse linguistic needs of your customer base. It further reduces the likelihood of customers moving on to your competitors.

Better Sales and Revenues

When you’re expanding your business in local markets, it’s important to ensure that your sales and revenue do not suffer. This is where multilingual voicebots can help you by enabling access to regional markets more effectively. 

You can connect with a broader audience and find success in untapped customer segments. By connecting with a broader audience, you can drive increased sales and revenues. With a localised approach, you can tap into new customer segments that were previously inaccessible.

24/7 Availability and Real-Time Responses

Another major advantage of multilingual voicebots is their ability to operate round-the-clock. With this 24/7 availability, you can ensure that your customers can get assistance whenever they need it. They don’t have to wait for business hours to get their queries answered.

In addition, real-time responses to queries further enhance the customer experience by offering instant solutions and support.

Scalability and Flexibility

As your business grows, the volume of customer interactions also increases. Platforms like Reverie offer a scalable solution that can handle increasing query volumes without compromising service quality. They can manage multiple interactions simultaneously. This ensures consistent and efficient service delivery. 

So, as your customer base expands, the voicebots can adapt and continue to provide the same level of support. Hence, making them an invaluable asset for your growing business.

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