Language Localisation benefits the Government Bodies

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Benefits of Language Localization for Government Bodies

How does Online Language Localization Benefit the Government in Serving Citizens Better?  

Today, 5.07 billion individuals worldwide use the internet, accounting for 63.5 percent of the global population. According to a recent report by IMAI, India would have 900 million internet users by 2025.

And on the flip side- millions of Indians are still falling behind in the digital race due to linguistic inequality. This is, indeed, one of the most significant barriers to the implementation of digital government programs. Over half of the content on the Internet is thought to be in English, even though India has about 425 different languages and dialects. This suggests that a large fraction of Internet users are unable to access content, particularly the critical communication that government entities have with their citizens. Due to the lack of language support and online content, only roughly 28% of Indians can access government services online. 

The Government of India and its commitment to National Language Translation

What India’s current Prime Minister, Honorable Mr. Modi, remarked while inaugurating the Digital India Week 2022 event in Gandhinagar becomes even more relevant in this context.

“Why should intellectual space be limited to a specific place or language? It is critical that knowledge be disseminated throughout India. Languages have been emphasised in the NEP. “In addition, we are working on the National Language Translation Mission,” Modi remarked.

The scope and breadth of the undertaking are enormous, and the benefits are numerous. With increased smartphone adoption, internet access in rural areas, and lower data rates, India now has an unprecedented opportunity to design a template for constructing the internet for indigenous languages.

Language accessibility is critical in government agency operations, and translations play an important role in this. It is thus not surprising that several government organizations are having a hard time keeping up with the volume of multilingual content they need to make available to the general public. And it is also critical for the government to communicate with citizens in their preferred language. As a result, government agencies need Reverie’s government localisation and translation software more than ever.

Thanks to Reverie’s government document localisation and translation software, government organisations may now construct and optimise their online portals in a range of Indian languages more quickly.

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Government localization and translation software: for more efficient public service delivery

24% of urban Indian language Internet users and 20% of rural Indian language Internet users are unfamiliar with online government services. Government document localisation and translation software tailored for government programs and policies assist citizens in comprehending and utilizing the government’s major offers and services. Government document localisation and translation software contribute to cost savings by reducing misunderstanding time and resources while also ensuring that all regulations are followed.

Localised government content and information created with Reverie’s government localisation and translation software also contribute to more efficient public service delivery as well as good disaster preparedness and public safety assistance. 

AI-Tech that supports localization in the gov sector 

Government organizations can now accelerate the process of designing, launching, and optimizing their online portals in numerous Indian languages by leveraging Reverie’s website management and publishing platform,- Anuvadak, and our impactful government localisation and translation software.  

Indic language AI models for various tasks such as Translation, Speech to Text, Text to Speech, Image to Text- once developed, these models will be deployed in many applications such as document translations for every domain such as Judicial, Medical, Education, and so on. Parliamentary speeches can be aired in all languages at the same time.

All government reports/materials/communications can be produced in all official languages. The primary concept is to eliminate language as a barrier in any sector.

We at Reverie have helped save a lot of time, effort, and money on multilingual website localization since Anuvadhak supports neural machine translation and machine learning, which operates through our AI-powered translation management center – Prabandhak. Additionally, Reverie’s integrated multilingual keyboard, Swalekh, makes typing in all Indian languages simple, with features like predictive typing. Reverie’s technologies improve the native online user experience and allow the government to communicate and increase its reach in communities.

Similarly, Reverie’s Voice Localisation (Voice Suite) helps government agencies increase user involvement across their digital platforms by making the online experience equally accessible and entertaining by providing material in local languages. 

Case Study: The Income Tax Department collaborated with Reverie to localise their ITR Portal in multiple Indian languages 

Reverie’s AI-powered government localisation and translation software had been adopted by the Income Tax Department to give all citizens a dynamic and intuitive digital user experience in several Indian languages.

Using Reverie’s cutting-edge technology and government document localisation, transliteration, and translation software, the Income Tax Department successfully redesigned India’s official tax filing portal with a new user-centric design and localised interface. Aside from the redesigned user interface, the ITR filing portal also includes a personalized helpdesk service and a new multilingual chatbot that addresses taxpayers’ concerns in several Indian languages. As a result, Indian citizens will find it easier to file tax returns electronically.

Are you a government institution looking to create engaging communication with Indian citizens in their own language?

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