Imagining India Without Language Technologies on National Technology Day

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Sometimes we overlook the things we have in our daily lives, taking them for granted and failing to recognize their importance. With this in mind, this National Technology Day we decided to explore what would happen if language technologies were to suddenly disappear. And the consequences were eye-opening.

Language technologies play a crucial role in promoting language equality on the internet. Without these technologies, life would be vastly different, with numerous challenges and obstacles hindering the ability of non-English speakers to access and communicate online.

So what would happen in the absence of Language Technology Solutions? 

  • It would impact businesses that cater to non-English speaking customers. Companies would struggle to communicate with their customers, leading to a loss of potential business and a decrease in customer satisfaction.
  • It would limit the ability of governments to communicate with their citizens in regional languages, impacting democratic processes and civic engagement.
  • It would mean that non-English speakers would be unable to access digital content in their native languages. This would lead to a significant language divide, with English speakers having an unfair advantage in terms of online communication and access to information. 
  • The lack of access to digital content in regional languages would also limit educational and career opportunities for non-English speakers.
  • It would also impact online communication. Without language technologies, non-English speakers would struggle to communicate with others online, leading to isolation and exclusion. This would limit their ability to participate in online communities, engage in social media, and access online services. 

In conclusion, life without language solutions would be challenging and limiting. Access to digital content and online communication would be restricted, and non-English speakers would face numerous barriers to accessing information and engaging in online activities. 

This makes Reverie Language Technologies Limited proud to have the opportunity to serve our native language citizens with technology solutions that promote language equality on the Internet.

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