What is Text-to-Speech API and How Does it Help Grow Your Business?

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This AI generated Text-to-Speech widget generated by Reverie Vachak.

How can Text to Speech API enhance your business

According to a PWC India report, there will be 900+ million active internet users in India by 2025. As is known, language barriers have always been a major obstacle while catering to such a large audience with India being one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world with more than 1500 dialects and languages spoken by its citizens. However, to meet customer needs in the changing digital world, certain industries and businesses have resorted to language solutions such as TTS to expand business reach, enhance customer engagement, and overall benefit customer digital needs.

One of the solutions they turn to is multilingual TTS (Text-to-speech). Advancements in technologies that grasp and help computers comprehend human language such as speech recognition technologies, conversational AI, chatbots, and machine learning (ML), have led to an exponential increase in capabilities to process audio at scale with greater accuracy. This has allowed Text-to-Speech API to become mainstream in India.

What is Text-to-Speech API?

Text-to-speech is like a trick for your phone or computer. When integrated with a website, app, or any device it reads written words out loud, so users don’t have to read them themselves. It turns text into spoken words, making it easier to listen to things like articles, books, or messages.
Try to imagine an experience of a device talking to you instead of you having to read everything.

Text-to-Speech API, simply put, is a program that takes written texts and converts them into spoken words. It’s like having a computer read a text out loud. It’s revolutionizing the way businesses interact with the diverse audience of India on a profound level. Let’s deep-dive into some ways it can enhance businesses.

Benefits of Multilingual Text-to-Speech API

  1. Reaching Out to a Wider Audience

The internet has made it easy for businesses to reach out to a large audience but in today’s fast-paced environment, not everyone has the patience or interest to read textual content, some prefer listening. By harnessing the power of Text-to-Speech API, businesses can convert text into audio formats that can be accessed on the go. Businesses can make training programs in both audio and text format for their employees giving them the freedom to consume content and finish training in the way they wish.

People value convenience and more so as they age and audio content is more easy to consume. Over 26% of internet users in India are aged above 55, by making audio content available businesses can reach out to this user group too. 

  1. Assisting Individuals with Disabilities

Text-to-Speech API offers a valuable solution for individuals who are visually impaired and have lower levels of proficiency in their native tongue or other languages. By providing the option to listen to written content, Text-to-Speech API enhances comprehension compared to traditional reading methods. The customized voice and natural-sounding speech employed make it particularly effective, offering a user-friendly experience. Consider a scenario where a student faces difficulties reading a textbook due to dyslexia. Instead of struggling through written words, they can access an audio file of the text and simultaneously follow the spoken words. This auditory support not only aids in a better understanding of complex topics but also improves academic performance. 

  1. Enhances CX Through Automation

Thanks to advancements in speech recognition, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems have become more conversational in nature. An efficient Text-to-Speech API integration can provide you with IVR technology that can successfully automate several aspects of interactions with consumers, optimize your customer support, and enhance customer engagement. Using text-to-speech API businesses can convert written text in multiple languages. By leveraging NLP a Text-to-Speech API can generate personalized human-like interaction experiences for customers.

With text-to-speech API, brands can deliver efficient communication in a consistent audio tone and style to establish a brand identity customers can recognize. It also ensures that audio content gets delivered in the right language and accent in cases where content has to be delivered in multiple languages. This is especially true for a multilingual country like India.

  1. Saves Time

Creating voiceovers in the traditional way requires brands to hire a professional voice artist, or recording equipment, rent a studio, or outsource the recorded piece to a video editor to modify and edit the voiceover. This entire process is time-consuming. With Text-to-Speech API, brands don’t have to spend as much time to get creative and produce high-quality voiceovers. People can get the information they need quickly by hearing an audio rather than reading word-by-word which is a more time-consuming process. This especially makes sense in a scenario where employees are encouraged to do self-paced learning programs. They can finish their training in less time and focus on other more important tasks.

  1. Brand Building and Brand Loyalty

Text-to-speech API not only helps with automation but also becomes useful in brand building and fostering loyalty. By integrating TTS API, brands can extend their market reach, through content accessibility to diverse audiences. This inclusivity, particularly in the Indian market with its rich linguistic diversity, solidifies a brand’s presence. TTS API also enhances brand positioning by delivering a seamless and personalized user experience to multilingual customers, contributing to positive interactions. As users engage effortlessly with natural spoken audio of their native tongue, brand loyalty deepens. TTS harmonizes with brand values, creating a distinctive identity through audio that resonates with customers, fostering enduring connections.

Reverie’s Text-to-Speech API features 

  • Natural and expressive speech: No robotic voices. All the audio outputs are lifelike and engaging catering to the specific native language speaker in the country. The API also supports neural voice which lets you create one-of-a-kind customized voice for your different applications.
  • Multilingual support: With the help of artificial intelligence, the API converts text into lifelike and natural audio across multiple Indian languages, giving your business a powerful tool to communicate with the national audience like never before. 
  • Customizable voice styles: Convert text into tailor-made voices that specifically match your brand’s personality, giving your brand not only a unique edge over your competitors but also a personalized experience for your customers. 
  • Secure and reliable: The robust Text-to-Speech API prioritizes maximum data security and privacy, ensuring your data remains safeguarded while adhering to industry security standards.
  • Easy integration: User-friendly integration into existing applications and websites, supported by comprehensive documentation and software development kits, making it easy and accessible for developers regardless of their level of expertise.
  • Real-time generation: Offers instant text-to-speech conversion in all  11 official languages in India for interactive applications and virtual assistants. This helps in swift and precise communication enabling brands to reach their target language speakers in the country. 
  • Flexible audio formats: Ensure versatility in audio formats that support a wide range of sampling rates and file types, including popular options like MP3 and WAV.
  • High scalability: Ensures that even during an event of increased demand, the conversion needs of businesses are met without compromising on quality and speed. 
  • Pronunciation control: Offers meticulous control over word pronunciations, ensuring accurate and tailored output for achieving precise speech synthesis.
  • Competitive pricing: Caters to businesses across various domains by offering cost-effective options so that businesses can manage their operational budget effectively. 
  • SSML support: Empowers businesses to intricately shape the nuances and voices of the audio output. This is achieved by enhancing the speech synthesis customization through Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) support.
  • Pause and break management: Craft a natural and flowing audio speech by seamlessly incorporating pauses and breaks at specific points. This enhances the authenticity of the speech output.
  • Voice gender selection: Allows the business to opt for versatility in voice selection by choosing between male and female voices, giving them flexibility in tailoring the speech to suit diverse applications.

Give your businesses an edge with Reverie’s Text-to-speech API

With AI and speech synthesis technology that enables businesses to convert text into lifelike voices, Reverie’s Text-to-Speech API has redefined the text-to-speech domain. Companies can leverage our powerful API to boost their bottom line and improve customer experiences. 

With a huge target audience, the Indian language market is overflowing with opportunities. With Reverie’s Text-to-Speech API, businesses can seize these opportunities and grow in this diverse market.

So why wait? Enhance the customer satisfaction of your brand with Reverie’s Text-to-Speech API now. 

Try our free tools for multilingual speech-to-text and text-to-speech. 

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