Reverie Enables Multilingual Text & Voice Integration for Jio Set-top Box

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Reliance Jio’s hybrid Set-top Box integrated with Bioscope, aimed to penetrate Indian markets with multilingual capabilities, enhancing user experience.


Language barriers hindered Jio Set-top Box sales and user engagement, limiting market expansion in India.

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Reverie integrated text and voice technologies in 11 Indian languages (2021), breaking language barriers and facilitating seamless customer experiences. Automated Speech Recognition (STT), Text-to-Speech (TTS), AI-powered NLU, and Swalekh (Virtual Keyboard) enabled Indian language usage, enhancing user interaction. Quantifiable benefits included a 595% increase in STT usage, a 23% growth in NLU, and a 263% rise in TTS usage.





Indian Languages Supported



The CSAT score of 4.7/5 and substantial usage growth in STT, NLU, and TTS over 18 months showcase Reverie’s impact. The integration of multilingual technologies led to a significant surge in usage, fostering a seamless user experience and laying the groundwork for Jio’s widespread market reach.

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