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“Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is an automated localization approach that uses neural networks to accurately and fluently translate text from one language to another while capturing the context and meaning of the source text. Its neural networks benefit from accurate, fluent translations, offering faster speeds, lower costs, and industry-specific customization.”

Use Cases of Neural Machine Translation

  • Website localization: NMT can be used to localize website content such as product descriptions, customer reviews, and support documentation to expand a business’s reach to a larger audience.
  • Multilingual customer support: NMT can be used to automatically localize customer inquiries and support tickets in real-time, providing faster and more accurate responses.

  • Inter-regional communication: NMT can be used to localize emails, instant messages, and other forms of digital communication, enabling people who speak different languages to communicate seamlessly.

  • Social media: NMT can be used to automatically localize posts, comments, and messages on social media platforms, enabling communication and interaction with a larger audience.

Our APIs Unique Features


Caters to over 11 industries with domain-specific localization 



Benchmarked against the industry's high accuracy standards



Usecase-based Plug n' Play APIs  



Exceptional performance with a fair price.



Analyze & process text & voice data in 22 Official Indian languages.


Scalable & Secure

Designed & developed to ensure both performance and security


Industries we support

Our advanced APIs provide accurate and efficient localization in over 22 Indian languages.  From mobile app localization to chatbot integration, our APIs provide a PAN-India experience, ensuring businesses can reach a wider audience and expand their customer base.

Case studies

Facilitating Integration of Voice & Text Features for a Top-Rated Set-top Box in Eleven Indian Languages.
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Localising More than 150+ B2B customer platforms into Nine Indian languages using Reverie’s NMT
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Reverie helps MissCallPay Take the Multilingual Approach to Bring UPI123 to Feature Phone Users
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