Voice Translation Suite for Indian Languages

Converse with your customers in the language of their choice

Voice is the most natural way of communication and precedes reading, writing and typing forms of communications. In addition, the latter demands high literacy levels, which by design is not inclusive to non-literate, connected customers. Reverie’s Indian-language voice suite enables you to help your customers overcome this literacy barrier and make way for easy interaction on voice-first devices. With its in-built domain-specific vocabulary models, the suite delivers high accuracies for businesses and industries.

Real time Translation of your Website in 11 Indian Languages

Real-time transcription

Reverie’s speech-to-text (STT) and text-to-speech (TTS) technologies work real-time in understanding user intent and enabling accurate voice outputs in various Indian languages. The STT application is built on industry-specific vocabulary and language models, which support conversational STT transformation. It enables you to identify bilingual language occurrences, which are common in Indian-language speakers. The TTS tool is trained using different languages and voices and includes multilingual dictionary support for custom pronunciations involving cultural connotations.

Customizable Indian-language vocabularies

The voice suite allows you to tailor the speech recognition vocabulary to generate accurate transcriptions specific to your use case such as product names, domain-specific terminologies or names of individuals. These customizable features also ensure consistencies across naming and terminology conventions pertinent to specific industries and verticals.

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Industry-specific language models

The Indian-language voice suite is built on domain or industry-specific language models. This means that the language models are trained on data pertinent to and built for industries like banking, finance, insurance, and so on, while offering a high accuracy in terms of industry terminologies and voice outputs. You can now easily integrate Indian language voice layers to your existing bots and virtual assistants to serve your customers in their native languages.

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Highly accurate and human-like pronunciation

The Reverie voice technologies enable you to deliver high-quality voice output with a more accurate pronunciation of Indian-language words. The solution provides a wide selection of lifelike sounding male and female voices with different pitches and timbres to provide distinct human characteristics.

Multiple Indian accents and dialects

Reverie’s Indian-language voice suite is exclusively trained on multiple Indian languages, taking their cultural and linguistic nuances into consideration. The complexities of Indian languages with their diversity are more convoluted by a multitude of accents and dialects, pertinent to each language. Our Voice Suite recognises such varied accents and dialects, accurately understands the context and user intent, and communicates with the user to perform complex tasks.

We are open for challenging use cases. We tailor our solutions based on your needs.