Anuvadak – Website Management and Publishing Platform

Your website in any language – quick and easy

Anuvadak is a platform that accelerates the process of creating, launching and optimizing your website in multiple languages. The platform enables you to connect with customers in their language with faster go-to-market and effortless content management.

Launch your website in multiple languages

Go to market faster

Publish your website in multiple languages and reach a wider audience faster. Anuvadak is easy to set up. Its continuous localization ensures any changes to your website are automatically updated.

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Open doors to new markets

Stay ahead of the competition by meeting the needs of 536 million Indian-language internet users. Anuvadak translates your website into multiple languages and ensures SEO compatibility, making it easier to search and discover in a user’s local language.

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Optimize resources and reduce costs

Save time and effort on multilingual website localization. Anuvadak’s efficient workflows are cost-effective and enable you to optimize your in-house resources, allowing your business to focus on core operations.

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Make websites discoverable with multilingual SEO

Overcome the limitations posed by popular search engines and increase the chances of your website being discovered in multiple languages. With Anuvadak, you can SEO-optimize your content and track your website’s performance with built-in web analytics.

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Scale and manage
effortlessly on the go

As your content scales up across multiple languages, so would your search hits and online traffic. Anuvadak enables you to effortlessly manage multilingual domains, hosting, and server requirements for any language, thus allowing your teams to focus on their key deliverables!

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No coding. No hassle.

Anuvadak seamlessly integrates with your website requiring zero coding effort and minimal IT dependency. Its advanced data security measures ensure that your content is safely stored in a secure and certified environment.

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Anuvadak, built on superior language technologies backed up by a decade of linguistic and technical expertise from industry leaders, is now ready to meet all your localization needs.

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