Enhancing eCommerce Experience for iOS Users: A Voice Search Success Story

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The client, an iOS eCommerce platform owner, sought to bridge the language gap by integrating Reverie’s intuitive voice search APIs. 


The client faced a dilemma in providing voice search and assistance for English and Hindi users on their iOS eCommerce app, lacking built-in support. Seeking a solution, Reverie was approached for assistance.

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Reverie provided intuitive APIs facilitating English and Hindi voice-based search solutions. Users could seamlessly navigate the app, effortlessly searching for products and managing their carts using voice commands.



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Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Rate

With this integration, customers using iOS devices experienced the same level of convenience as their Android counterparts. Voice commands in both English and Hindi significantly improved user ease and operational efficiency, culminating in a remarkable customer satisfaction rating of 4.6/5. This transformation not only bridged the gap for iOS users but also elevated the overall shopping experience, attaining high customer approval and interaction rates.

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