Reverie Transforms In-Car Voice Assistants with Multilingual Speech Technology

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The Indian automotive industry witnesses growth, embracing in-car voice assistants for safer, convenient hands-free operations and enhancing user driving experiences.


Deploying efficient speech-to-text technology in cars amid diverse and noisy environments, accommodating multiple speakers, and limited memory resources within automotive systems.

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Reverie's solution for MGComet brilliantly showcases the seamless integration of multilingual interfaces within offline voice assistants. Its ability to comprehend a blend...

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Reverie’s solution for MGComet brilliantly showcases the seamless integration of multilingual interfaces within offline voice assistants. Its ability to comprehend a blend of Hindi and English commands is truly remarkable, catering to a wide spectrum of user preferences. From managing in-car systems and fine-tuning radios to facilitating hands-free calls, the voice assistant excels in diverse tasks. Its versatility shines through key use cases, spanning music and radio control, system commands, and specific vehicle controls. Reverie’s multilingual interface undoubtedly demonstrates innovation and practicality at its finest.

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Reverie innovates a multilingual speech-to-text model addressing unique challenges within automotive domains. Their advanced solution ensures accurate recognition amidst acoustic complexities, diverse speakers, and memory-efficient models. This facilitates controlling settings, accessing information, and providing general knowledge, enhancing the in-car user experience.



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Reverie’s technology offers system controls, radio commands, internet connectivity, calculator functionality, and general knowledge in a prominent Indian automobile brand. The architecture includes ASR, NLU, TTS, and an offline wake word system, providing ease of use with simple activation and hands-free commands, transforming the driving experience. 

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