Why We Should All #PledgeToTeach Indic Typing

Smartphones have made our lives so much easier. They’ve expanded what you can do with technology, by tapping into the near limitless power of the internet.   Typing is a key part of this user-device equation – it’s how you feed your device with requests and commands and get it to do what you want…. View Article

Power Wider Citizen Engagement Through Localisation

Throughout history, governments have tried to reach out better to the very people they govern. The process of engaging with citizens and collecting feedback on a large scale and making sense of it has, however, always proven daunting. The sheer numbers involved alone complicate things.   The internet has changed that by making the logistics… View Article

Reverie’s Indic Phonebook Is Now On iOS!

Realize it or not, if you make multiple phone calls a day, your phonebook is probably among your most used apps. Given that every time you need to make a call, you’d likely end up opening your phonebook app, it stands to reason that the experience should be as frictionless as possible. Now imagine if… View Article

2017 In Language Technology – The Indian Internet’s Second Big Turning Point

Even as 2017 draws to a close, the steady march of technology continues at brisk pace, ever gaining momentum.  Included in its orbit is the field of language technology.   A few years ago, the landscape of India’s internet was fundamentally changed by the explosion of mobile users coming online, and we’re now seeing a… View Article

India’s Upcoming Indic Language Mandate For Mobile Devices – Building Character Sets

In part one of our series on the Government of India’s language support mandate, we discussed what the mandate means for India’s internet users and what greater implications this move has. In this piece, part two, we’ll talk about how languages are assigned characters and how this fits into this larger project of making Indic… View Article