Knowledge is Power – Sir Fancis Bacon

Author: Vivekananda Pani, Co-founder & CTO There is no denial that one who knows nothing, finds oneself unworthy of anything. It is knowledge that empowers an individual, creates value in self and earns respect. In our country, the medium to impart higher education has mostly been through English language. A student studying in a language… View Article

Reverie’s Swalekh app is now available for iOS

It’s a hurray-moment for mobile users, who like to and take pride in typing in Indian languages. More so for such users, who use Apple devices – now that’s a real technology-affirmation-meets-cultural-affirmation occasion! Congratulations! From our language labs we have come up with the Swalekh multilingual keypad app for iOS devices! Users of iPhone, iPad… View Article

Reverie Indic Calendar – A calendar which is truly Indian!

Calendar apps are ubiquitous. PCs, mobile phones, watches – calendars are everywhere. However, we have given an absolutely new meaning to the commonplace calendar apps on our mobile devices running Android with complete regional experience. Reverie’s calendar app is built for all Indians, irrespective of their linguistic proficiency and cultural and religious affiliations. If you… View Article

Encoding Standards Challenges for IS 16350

The efforts for the digital presence of Indian languages have been going over for more than two decades now and still the Indic presence is less than 0.01% over the internet. Encoding standards, input mechanism and normalization with lately introduced Zero Width Joiner (ZWJ) and Zero Width Non Joiner (ZWNJ) concepts have further added to… View Article

Tribute to Dr. Ramanath Sahai

Our communal tribute to Dr. Ramanath Sahai When we at Reverie started working on Machine Translation earlier this year, we knew it would be highly complex but we had no idea how hard a challenge it was going to be. It speaks volumes that the team took the solving of this hard problem as an… View Article